Regulations of the 56th International Submariners Congress

§1. General Provisions

1.1. These Regulations specify the rights and obligations of Congress Participants and the Serbian Submariners Association Podmornicar, with registrated office in Serbia, Belgrade, Miloša Pocerca 2, registration number 17590294

1.2. The Congress takes place on 21-26 May 2019 in Belgrade, Serbia

1.3. The Congress is organized by the Serbian Submariners Association Podmornicar

1.4. Eligible Congress Participants are members of national submariners associations, associated at the International Submariners Association, hereunder referred to as Participants.

1.5. A detailed agenda of the Congress is available at

§2. Congress Registration

2.1. In order to take part in the Congress, a participant is obliged to register and make a timely payment of a fee in the amount and to the bank account indicated in the registration form generated during the registration process at

2.2. Congress participation requirements:

2.2.1. Apply for participation in the Congress by filling in a registration form available at

2.2.2. Pay the fee in the appropriate amount.

2.3. The Organiser shall not liable for the Participant’s providing incorrect or false details during the Congress registration process.

2.4. Submitting a registration form via is tantamount to the Participant’s acceptance of these Regulations and the observance of the rules of law and any other arrangements made between the Participant and the Organiser.

§3. Fees

3.1. The Congress participation fee

Registration type Until April 21, 2019
All Participants 375€

Above mentioned price are exclusive of VAT.

Accommodation fee:

Single room Double room
90€ 100€

City tax is not included in above mentioned price, and it cost 1.5€ per person/per night. VAT is included in above mentioned price

3.2. The Congress participation fee and the accommodation fee should be paid in the way indicated in the registration form: via online payments system available at

3.3. Failure to pay the Congress participation fee and/or the accommodation fee within the deadline specified by the Organiser in the registration summary shall entitle the Organiser to cancel the registration without any related liability for damages.

§4. Withdrawal from Congress Participation

4.1. A Participant may withdraw from Congress participation. A withdrawal should be performed in an electronic format by email or in writing.

4.2. In the case of a Participant’s withdrawal from Congress participation performed by 01 April 2019, the Organiser shall without delay.

4.3. In the case of a Participant’s withdrawal from Congress participation performed after 01 April 2019, the Participant shall not be entitled to a refund of any of the fees paid.

§5. Complaints

5.1. All and any complaints from Congress Participants towards the Organiser should be submitted by email to the following account:

Complaints from Congress Participants may be submitted not later than within 3 days of the Congress end date.

5.3. No complaints will be considered after the deadline stated above.

§6. Personal Details

6.1. The Organiser shall be the administrator of personal details, as construed by the Serbian Law

6.2. The administrator has the right to process the personal details of Participants for the purpose and in the scope necessary for due delivery of services.

6.3. At any time, the Participant has the right to review its personal details and may demand that they be removed or corrected.

§7. Final Provisions

7.1. If the Congress does not take place for reasons attributable only to the Organiser, the Organiser shall without delay refund the amounts paid by the Participants to the bank accounts indicated by them.

7.2. All and any disputes which may result from Congress participation will be settled by the court competent for the Organiser’s registered office, unless the rules of generally applicable law determine otherwise.

7.3. The Congress is a closed event and does not constitute a mass as construed

7.4. In matters unregulated herein, the provisions of Serbian law shall apply.

7.5. The Organiser shall not be liable for the Participant’s items which may be lost, damaged or stolen during the Congress.

7.6. The Participants shall be full financially liable for any damage done by themselves both in the facilities in which any Congress-related activities take place and in the Participants’ places of accommodation.

7.7. These Regulations become valid as of 16. Novembre 2018.

7.8. These Regulations are an integral part of the Congress Registration and are binding to all Participants.

The Congress will be held under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Serbia


Accommodation reservation

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Early bird registration:
Before March 01, 2019

Event date:
May, 21-26, 2019

Congress venue:
Hotel Crown Plaza
Belgrade, Serbia

Time left to 56th ISC: